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Diamond and Antique Blue Zircon Necklace #5034-5

SKU: 5034-5
Sale price$1,575.00

A spectacular Old Mine Cut Blue Zircon is set in a six pronged crown with beautiful open metalwork design. The beautiful vibrant antique Old Mine cut Zircon hangs from a square bezel with a .05 ct diamond set with small bead prongs.  The pendant is attached to a 16" 14k white gold chain.

A little bit about Zircons and their history:

Zircon is the oldest mineral on Earth, dating back more than 4.4 billion years. Found in the Earth’s crust, it’s common in most sand and sedimentary deposits, as well as metamorphic rocks and crystallized magma.

During the Middle Ages, people believed that zircon gemstones could induce sound sleep, ward off evil, and bring prosperity and wisdom.

Blue zircon was popular during Victorian times and frequently adorned English estate jewelry from the 1880s. In the 1920s, heat treatment became customary practice to enhance the color of zircon gemstones for jewelry. Zircon has also been used in the decorative ceramics industry.While zircon is a popular gemstone among collectors for its range of colors, consumers seem most enamored with the blue variety.

Zircon is often confused with cubic zirconia (CZ), however Zircons are a naturally occuring mineral and have a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making them much more durable than CZs.


design era : Art Deco
gemstone : Diamond
gemstone : Zircon
metal : 14k white gold
shape/cut : Old Mine Cut
vintage or vintage-inspired : Replica
Diamond and Antique Blue Zircon Necklace #5034-5
Diamond and Antique Blue Zircon Necklace #5034-5 Sale price$1,575.00